What Is The Program?

A group of young adults meet with a successful entrepreneur/philanthropist for dinner at their business. The businessman will share his story about how he got into his field and what he does. He will also share his involvement with communal organizations and non-profits. The hope is that with time, a mentorship relationship will develop between the young adults and the entrepreneur whose interests match. It is a six month session.

Past Events

Alliance Steel's Mike Zweigbaum

Mr. Zweigbaum spoke on a deeply personal level about his personal growth in Judaism, the development of his business, and Tzedakah.

Pergola Management

The inaugural event of the Schmooze with Success Program took place at Pergola Management. Brian Pergament told the story of how he built Pergola from the ground up. However, the main topic of the evening was the role of tzedakah (charity) in Judaism.

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